Python for Hacking | Part 1 | what is python | installing python in the system | first program in Python

Python for Hacking | Part 1 | what is python | installing python in the system | first program in python

Python is a high-level programming language. A high-level programming language is the one which can be easily understood by human or in other words, a high-level programming language is much like the English language. A low-level programming language is the one which is used by computing systems (like a computer or laptop) to follow an instruction given by the user of that system. For example, sending a mail, saving a document, performing a calculation etc. Firstly, a program is written into a high-level programming language and then, it is converted into low-language or simply machine-understandable form by the means of a piece of a software called an interpreter or a compiler. Python is an interpreted language, so an interpreter is used to convert the program from high-language form to low-language form in case of Python. A compiler converts the entire code into a machine-understandable form in one go, whereas, an interpreter converts the code into a machine-understandable form by converting through line-by-line.

In this Python for Hacking series, we will first learn the basics of Python and then we will move forward to learn to make hacking scripts written in Python.

So let's dive deep in.....

Installing Python

  • To install Python in your system, visit this link
  • Select the correct version of Python compatible with your operating system and click on download button.
  • Install the downloaded file in your system and follow all the on-screen instructions.
  • Now, open the official Python IDE.

Installing Python in Android

Don't have a PC, but want to learn Python?

Don't worry we have a solution for you. First, install Termux in your android phone from this link. Then follow this link

Successfully installed Python? Now, let's get started...

Creating your first program in Python

  • Open the python terminal and then type, print("Hello World!").
  • You will get the following output on your screen: 
                         Hello World! (see in the image above)

If you are using Termux, follow the same instructions and you'll get the same output.



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  2. Thank you so much Science behindeverything for your valuable response. I will definitely work on your suggestion and will change the site layout accordingly.


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